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Domicile your business in France
A registered office address in France for your business, with practical assistance and office space in the heart of Lille.

Salle de réunion Rubens

A registered office address in France for Belgian and Dutch businesses

Need a business address in France? Mutations Consultants can provide your business with an officially-recognised registered office address, in Lille or Boeschepe. We can provide you with a registered office in our modern office building, if you do not yet have a physical location at your disposal. Perfectly structured, with additional meeting rooms, coworking spaces and a virtual office.

Table Coworkers

Coworking spaces and meeting rooms

We also provide flexible working spaces in our own offices. It's very simple to book your coworking space online. It's possible to do so if you have a business address at our premises, but also if you just need a temporary place to work in Lille, one that is easily accessible and equipped with everything you need. In addition, you can also very easily book one of our meeting rooms for your training activities, your meetings, or your hiring interviews.

Formalities relating to your business address are looked after down to the smallest details

A statutory registered office address in France is subject to a strict legal framework. At Mutations Consultants, we meet all the legal requirements, and quickly and efficiently set up your trading address in France. We take receipt of and forward your registered post, and we provide the infrastructure that is required legally – you can sleep soundly, thanks to the legal security we provide, and to the office that is our physical property.

We act in a transparent manner during the start-up period, and during that period we go through all the procedures that need to be completed to form your company. In this way, you will be able to register with the French Chamber of Commerce without any problems, and you will quickly be able to devote your attention to what matters most – continuing to grow your business in France.

Why choose Mutations Consultants?

  • Blauw schiel met goedkeuringsicoon

    Total legal security

    A statutory registered office address in accordance with French legislation.

  • Drie personen die samenwerken

    Physical office space

    Fully-equipped meeting rooms and coworking spaces in the heart of Lille.

  • Flexibel blauw icoon


    On a long-term or on a short-term basis? Choose the option that suits you the best.

Three people meeting

Additional business services

An official place of business at our Lille or Boeschepe offices means more than just a domicile for your business. You can also count on the support of RFN, to get accounting and legal advice, in your own language. In addition, you can also easily book a meeting room or a coworking space at our premises.